Sunday, March 31, 2013

Now We're Talking!

February 2013

After a long winter of rebuilding curved wall framing, sanding cabinets, and building a 14x20' storage shed for my son-in-law and daughter, it's time to start with the pretty stuff.
My am I ready for this!
It takes a lot of determination to keep the vision alive in your head when all you seem to do it tear stuff apart.
My mother-in-law always says "You gotta break a lot of eggs to make an omelette".
Every project I do must be some type of omelette, because I sure do break a lot of eggs. :)
We found a sheet flooring we like. Black & white checkered with a 9" square pattern.
Walls are shaping up. Had to create a custom stain (including red food coloring) to try and match the original cabinets.


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