Sunday, March 31, 2013

Curved Walls & Wheel Wells

February 2012

Who would want to build curved walls!
Goes to show you how simplistic our architecture is today compared with yesteryear.
Creating the same curves using rotten wood for a pattern is quite a challenge.
Hope & Pray!
Both wheel wells were rotted out, so in with some new Doug Fir. Good as new now.



  1. For your curved wall frame edge what thickness of plywood are you using and do you use multiple layers and screw and glue the multiple layers of plywood together and over lap ends? Did you use Thompson Water sealer or similar on the finished ply frames? Never have done one, never have seen one disassembled either. Looks interesting and challenging but fun.

  2. I used multiple layers of 1/4" plywood and trying to lap the end approximately in the same locations as the original. On the tight corners at the top, I had to soak the plywood in my pool to make it bend the corner. The plywood had waterproof glue so it doesn't come apart. The finished frame will be covered with Tyvek and all the voids filled with styrofoam insulation. The ultimate test will be when the skin goes back on if it fits, although I am seriously considering new skin. I want it to be bare aluminum and removing the paint from the original is some serious work.