Sunday, November 3, 2013

Getting A Wee Bit Closer

Got the framing all done.....finally!!
I had a good friend with a band saw that cut all my curved 2x pieces for me.
Man did that save a lot of time! :)

Looking at the top you can see I put two pieces of 1 1/2" aluminum tubing in for extra support.
That should hold up my future air conditioner. Yeah baby!!

The insulation is in (1 1/2" Styrofoam and the tops covered with Tyvek.
Should keep it nice and toasty inside.

To end the day, got the gas plumbing in for the refrigerator and the gas lantern. Finish up the stove plumbing and we'll be "Cookin with Crisco"!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Kitchen's Almost Done

It's been a busy and HOT summer. Never as far along as I'd like, but oh well. :)
Gotta sit and relax every now and then to figure out where I'm at.
Oh Yeah, I'm rebuilding a trailer. LOL
Got the backsplash in and all the appliances.
Put the ice box back together after the powdercoater got finished with it.
Kinda makes my spray job on the stove look cheap! haha
Maybe some day I'll pull it apart again and have it powdercoated too.

Oops. Think I missing a faucet or two. Plumbing's next. And wiring.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Gotta Make Time for the Important Things

May 2013

It's been a while since my last post. Kind of got sidetracked on a much more important matter.
I got a new granddaughter!!! Yeah! :)
We welcomed little Miss Liza Jane into this world on 5-8-13, and boy is she a little cutie.
Of course, I'm sure this proud "Papa" is a little biased.

Oh Yeah. Had to make a little trip over to the Vintage Trailer Rally in Pismo Beach. That was a lot of fun. Met some nice folks and got lots of motivation to "Git r done!".

So here's where we're at.
Got the table finished and installed. New formica top, new table leg, even the table itself is new. Gone is the old pipe leg covered in brown
painted PVC pipe. LOL

Finished the refrigerator installation...well at least it's in the hole where it's supposed to be. Had to deepen the cabinet 4" to make it work, but she's good and done now.

Stay tuned for the finish of the kitchen cabinet with the sink and stove. That will be the last of the cabinets. Almost ready for wiring.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Taking Shape

March 2013

Finally I'm catching up to blog to modern day.
It's taking shape now and starting to look like a trailer again.
Looks like I need to do a little lens cleaning on the camera. Nah! Got a trailer to work on.
Got the seats in, the front overhead cabinet installed, and added 3" of additional depth to the closet cabinet so the new refrigerator will fit.
Gotta be able to bring that half gallon of ice cream every now and then.

Now We're Talking!

February 2013

After a long winter of rebuilding curved wall framing, sanding cabinets, and building a 14x20' storage shed for my son-in-law and daughter, it's time to start with the pretty stuff.
My am I ready for this!
It takes a lot of determination to keep the vision alive in your head when all you seem to do it tear stuff apart.
My mother-in-law always says "You gotta break a lot of eggs to make an omelette".
Every project I do must be some type of omelette, because I sure do break a lot of eggs. :)
We found a sheet flooring we like. Black & white checkered with a 9" square pattern.
Walls are shaping up. Had to create a custom stain (including red food coloring) to try and match the original cabinets.


Curved Walls & Wheel Wells

February 2012

Who would want to build curved walls!
Goes to show you how simplistic our architecture is today compared with yesteryear.
Creating the same curves using rotten wood for a pattern is quite a challenge.
Hope & Pray!
Both wheel wells were rotted out, so in with some new Doug Fir. Good as new now.


Rebuilding The Stove

October 2011


I couldn't find a way to take pictures of the labor of love it took rebuilding this stove, but hopefully the p
ictures of the finished product will suffice.

On The Way Up

September 2011

I think we've reached the bottom. There's not where to go but up.
The frame, axle and springs have been painted and it's ready for the sub floor.
Check out the receiver added at the rear of trailer.
That's for a box to haul a few extras.
Subfloor framing finished & 1 1/2" of styrofoam insulation added.
Oh yeah, added 2 layers of Tyvek between the frame and wood framing. That should keep it dry. :)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Springs Apart

July 2011

There's really not much that holds springs together. Just a couple of bolts and clips. So after disassembly, a LOT of elbow grease, and use of a product called POR-15, the springs and axles are new again. A great suspension shop in the area sold me new bolts and clips.